About RPL Maison


RPL PARFUMS was founded in 2012 by International Fashion and Design Executive, Rupert Peter Landendinger who had long maintained the passion of creating a luxurious, modern and assessable fragrance brand.  Hence, the eponymous brand RPL was born which includes perfumes and fragrances for the home in the forms of candles, diffusers and scented tubes. The French based perfume house creates bespoke fragrances working with the most talented olfactory experts and aroma artisans in the world.

In 2019, Suzi de Givenchy joined RPL as a joint business partner juxtaposing the delicate balance as life companions and entrepreneurs.  Together Landendinger and de Givenchy give definition in establishing their modern and refined fragrance brand RPL Parfums. Both are committed to translating their creative sensibilities and their love of world travel into a luxurious fragrance brand that represents their vision for timelessly stylish living.  

Through their union RPL Parfums has evolved as Suzi and Rupert wish to share their diverse sources of inspiration in each of the products they thoughtfully create. RPL Parfums reflects their ethos for relaxed elegance, their quest to create timeless scents that evoke and awaken emotions, and quite simply to mirror their love and joie de vivre.


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