About RPL Maison

Rococo Gardens

Rupert Peter Landendinger grew up in a Rococo castle in the Bavarian countryside, which had a profound influence on him. His earliest memories revolve around the ornate rooms, high ceilings, arresting artwork and mirrors in the enormous interior. In the regal surroundings outside was a lush garden with an abundance of fragrant flowers. A memory mixed with the scents emanating from the succulent fruits, vegetables and the deep forest nearby.

The beauty. The grandeur. The ambience. The intoxicating intermingling of aromas. It all sparked a passion for scents, leaving an indelible impression on him forever.

Exotic Journeys

At age 16, Landendinger journeyed to Tunisia and experienced the exotic aromas from the souks for the first time. Mesmerised, he watched perfumers preparing enticing concoctions of spices and herbs and revelled at their highly attuned skills.

As an adult, trips to Casablanca, Marrakech, Rabat, Istanbul and Cairo enhanced his infatuation with fragrances. On his sojourns to Rajasthan, India, Landendinger was struck by the scent of jasmine filling the air when visiting the extravagant palaces where the royal Maharajas once lived. In the palace hotels in Delhi, the signature scents created for each room lingered in his sub-consciousness. His subsequent trips to Thailand and experience of aromatherapy in exclusive spas drew him even deeper into the compelling allure of aromas.

A Must-Have for Monarchs

Even important eras in perfume history have held an intense interest for Landendinger. Such as the reign of Louis XIV, who was affectionately called the “Perfume King”.  Known for the fragrant floral pavilion in his court. The dried flowers in bowls placed around his palace. How royal guests were bathed in rose petals and perfume was sprayed on everything from clothing and furniture to the tableware and walls.

It is this ongoing fascination with fragrances, which compelled Landendinger to venture into the world of scents by establishing RPL MAISON.

At the Forefront of Fashion

Rupert Peter Landendinger is a style connoisseur in the world of fashion, interior design and music, drawing on over 25 years of experience with high profile, international fashion brands. He was the co-founder of luxury label By Malene Birger and was a pivotal player in building the fashion brand from scratch to what is now a global label with representation in 37 countries around the world. Boasting a decade of experience as Director of Branding, Marketing, PR, Promotion and Production, Landendinger also orchestrated fashion photo shoots for image campaigns appearing in prestigious magazines around the world, as well as designed the music, lighting and video production of fashion shows. His homes have appeared in various interior décor magazines, displaying his impeccable eye for art, antiques and timeless designs.

Landendinger brings his heightened sensitivity to scents, extensive background in fashion, passion for interior design and exquisite sense of aesthetics to create an ambience of elegance with his exclusive collection of home fragrances.

Working with some of the most talented olfactory experts and aroma artisans in the industry, RPL MAISON represents Landendinger’s selection of sumptuous scents designed to evoke a mood. Set the scene. And stir the emotions.

Bespoke scents, which beckon you to surrender to your surroundings.
To luxuriate in a sensory experience that’s sublime.

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